♡ updates ♡

  • 06.29.20

  • changed layout:

    1. changed the index page — new image every refresh!
    2. added a header — new header every refresh!
    3. by a miracle i learned about style sheets, so the site doesn't have to get updated every time i want to add anything to the menu. congrats to me!!
    4. added a footer.
    5. created 'for you' page — since my love for banners grew, i decided to edite my own!
  • 06.26.20

  • created bugs page — page about bugs that interest me.

    changes diary layout — added tabs.

  • 06.24.20

  • created music page.

  • 06.17.20

  • created art page to show my shitty drawings.

    created the reviews page with my first review!